lit-up landscape of modern building near pond at dusk

Brightening up Your Home & Landscape: Outdoor Lighting Basics

A great way to brighten up your landscape, even after the sun sets, is to incorporate lighting in key areas around your home. In addition to boosting your curb appeal, nighttime landscape lighting can also keep your home safe and ensure walkways are well-light and easily traversable for entering and leaving your home.

Figuring out what type of lighting and where it should be installed can be a big job. But, with a few helpful tips and some expert advice, you'll be on track to giving your home a brand, new look.



Before you get started

Sketching out a loose outline of your property should be your first step, when considering landscape lighting. As you’re mapping out your property, think about high-traffic areas, entrances to your home or garage, your favorite trees or garden spots, and seating area. All of these locales can use illumination for practical and esthetic purposes.


But what type of lighting styles and effects should you use? There are several options to consider. 



Common types of lighting techniques and features

Understanding your options can help you decide which type of lighting features you’d like to focus on in your own yard. The following are the most popular lighting options we see with many Charlotte, NC-area homeowners.

  • Pathway and door lights: Help keep your family and guests on solid footing by illuminating your home’s and property’s passageways. Not only beautiful, this lighting option also adds important safety features around your house.

  • Under-water lights: Put water features on display with submersible lights. Added to pools, ponds, and fountains under-water lights can bring a layer of sophistication and serenity to your outdoor spaces.

  • In-ground lights: Not keen on lights popping out of your landscape? Opt for in-ground lighting options to brighten walkways, driveways, or garden features. This type of lighting is much like in-ceiling can lighting found in many homesand tucks nicely into your lawn or patio.

  • Spotlighting: Build a dramatic nighttime landscape with directional spotlights. Pointing targeted beams of light towards trees, specific garden areas, your home’s unique architectural elements, and more, can be a great way to enhance your property. 

  • Wall washes: Bouncing light off of walls, fences, and taller outdoor structures with either traditional or colored lights can create a sense of space and height in your home’s landscape. 

  • Hardscape lighting: Give masonry, architectural features, railings, seating, and more a boost with a touch of lighting. There are a variety of options to choose from, including low-profile fixtures or linear options that can be hidden within masonry or ledges.

  • Border and indicator lights: Warn people from misstepping around the edges of decks or patios, or use these lights to outline a driveway or the outer parameter of your property. edging of your yard.


Each of the above features can be utilized in different ways, and for different reasons. From creating a dramatic silhouette of a favorite tree to utilizing uplighting to spotlight interesting architectural elements, options are endless.


Finding the best options

Figuring out which of the above lighting choices best fit your landscape—and your budget—can be a challenge. From understanding how best to manage wiring or power supply to implementing a final lighting design layout that makes sense for your home and surroundings, a professional landscaper can make sure your lighting project is safely installed and successful.


Partnering with the right landscaping professional means getting the experience and guidance you need to bring your preliminary plans to fruition. And, the very best pros can be with you every step of the way—helping you sketch out viable options for you to choose from before they even break ground on your job.


Making your plans come to life

Charlotte Backyard and Outdoor Living have been helping Charlotte-area clients with lighting design and installation for years, and we’re proud to have been voted the Best Landscaping Company in South Charlotte in 2019.


With over 25-years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to provide you with top-notch lighting, landscaping, and backyard building experience you can trust. Call us at (704) 672-5572 today, to learn more about what lighting options are available to help transform your nighttime, outdoor spaces into beautiful areas for your friends and family. We look forward to working with you.