Beautiful wooden terrace with garden furniture surrounded by greenery on a warm, summer day

Tips to Help You Create a Backyard Getaway

Looking for fun ways to give your outdoor spaces an upgrade? There are tons of options that can take your yard or garden to the next level. Even something as simple as adding a shade sail or greenery can create a beautiful backyard oasis. And, more complex projects like building a new outdoor kitchen or patio not only create beautiful outdoor areasthey can increase your home’s value and boost curb appeal, too!



Small backyard projects that make a big impact 

Quick and easy additions to your existing outdoor areas can be surprisingly transformative. The following ideas are not only relatively easy on your pocketbookthey are easy to complete, as well.

  • Add string lights to an existing patio or deck: Brighten up your outdoor seating area with some pretty twinkle lights. 

  • Brighten your outdoor seating area with outdoor accessories. You can bring in pops of color with potted plants, an outdoor rug, cushions and pillows, and more. 

  • Make your outdoor space extra inviting with new or upgraded seating areas for your family and guests. From hammocks and swings to dining sets and sectional seating, there are lots of ways to add lounge spots or eating areas.


Maximize your backyard with mid-size projects 

A step up in cost and requiring a bit more effort, these mid-range projects will add that “wow” factor to your property!

  • Build a pond or fountain for a soothing water feature. Ornamental ponds, tabletop and in-ground water fountains, and even water walls are all fun options to add a little zen to your home’s surrounding properties.

  • Plant hedges or greenery to make up a natural privacy screen between you and your neighbors, or along your favorite seating area. You’ll add interest to your outdoor space, and get the added bonus of creating an out-of-view area you and your guests can enjoy.

  • Create shade and protection from the weather with a sail, pergola, or covered patio. Your dining area or outdoor seating sare will be the perfect spot to hang out, no matter the weather.

  • Add a fire pitor build oneand bring the joy of camping into your own backyard. Many fire pits come with cooking grill-tops, so you can use them for both ambiance and for cooking hotdogs, hamburgers, and more.


Make a statement with big outdoor projects that “wow!”

If you’re really looking for a bold way to improve your property, the following are some projects we think are great ones to consider.

  • Create an outdoor room. A new deck, patio, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen are all “go big or go home” projects that are surefire ways to increase your home’s resale valueand create a new area for your family to enjoy.

  • Build a pathway or fence. Create separate spaces within your yardor create differentiation between your yard and neighborswith a fence. 

  • Put in a pool. Many families consider this the biggest backyard project of alland the most enviable. Who doesn’t dream of walking out their back door and taking a dip in your own, personal pool? This is indeed a big project, one that a good pro can help you tackle and ensure the production fits your budget, looks good in your space, and holds up well for many pool parties to come.

  • Add a retaining wall or sitting wall. Whether it be for utilitarian purposes, to help reinforce an area on your property and prevent erosion, to create a more flat surface in your yard, or simply separate landscaping beds or incorporate seating, a stone wall can add an interesting and dynamic look to your landscape.


How a pro can help

To help bring your backyard dreams to life, particularly for mid- and large-projects, working with a landscaping pro can be a lifesaver. With a knowledgeable professional in your corner, you’ll have the experience and know-how you need to integrate updates and changes to your outdoor spaces in a safe, effective, and efficient mannerand with more likelihood of staying on budget!


Our team at Charlotte Backyard and Outdoor Living is experienced in all the projects outlined above and so much more. As a trusted landscaping partner for families and individuals in and around Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to have been voted the Best Landscaping Company in South Charlotte in 2019 and to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 


With over 25-years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to provide you with top-notch landscaping and backyard building experience you can trust. 

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