Retaining Walls

Add a bit of form and function to your yard’s landscape with one of our smartly designed retaining walls. We’ll help you build a decorative feature to protect your yard and property—and add beauty to your outdoor living space.

Are you looking to add both beauty and function to your home’s outdoor living space? With the perfect mix of landscape design and practical functionality, Charlotte Backyard & Outdoor Living can help you create a retaining wall to accent your property. 

These smart additions to your yard’s outdoor living space are particularly helpful if your property has an angled or sloped yard. Our retaining walls are designed to resist the lateral pressure of soil and changing ground elevation. Plus, our functional designs allow you to add a touch of elegance to your yard, expand the amount of usable space, and help protect your landscape from runoff damage.

Customized specifically for your styles and tastes, our beautiful retaining walls perfectly fit your lifestyle and outdoor living needs. Serving as an emphasis wall, they become the center of attention for your yard while giving you a variety of different benefits that help you reduce the amount of work you need to do to keep your landscape looking great. 

Installing a retaining wall comes with a number of benefits, including providing: 

  • Functional support to keeps your soil in place
  • Sinkhole prevention
  • Elimination of backyard eyesores (like unattractive dirt piles or hills)
  • Flooding or rainwater pooling prevention
  • Reduction of yard waste
  • Erosion prevention
  • Prevention of damage and protection to your property and surrounding structures

The dual purpose of your retaining wall

Your retaining wall is designed to be a functional addition to your home. With a smart design from our team, however, it can also become an impressive decorative feature that you will love to show off. 

Whether you are looking to have one installed for landscape retention or aesthetic appeal, you are sure to enjoy the way that our retaining walls are able to greatly enhance your property.

Even little slopes or hills in your yard can become a disaster if heavy rains blow through. They can destroy your garden and landscape or, if big enough, even potentially cause damage to your home or structures. A retaining wall helps to keep your soil in place while giving your property that extra-special something it needs to stand apart from the yards of your neighbors.

Contact us today at (704) 672-5572 with any questions you have about whether or not a retaining wall would be the right fit for you and your property. We look forward to customizing landscape design elements for customers located throughout Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the Charlotte metropolitan area and the areas surrounding Lake Norman.